jeudi 29 novembre 2007

TV Journal #5

I learnt many things by looking at this program of TV. Besides having me to help in my English, this program has me learnt the even fundamental and very important truth. This the truth is cruel but necessary: all, us will die one day, anybody escapes there. This truth is disturbing but when we accept it, when we take it and when we assimilate it, it is very practical for during the life because it helps us to face its end and also helps to take advantage of our existence at most. This program forced me to question me about the idea that we are made of the death and the life and also on the importance of the mourning and the difficulty which have people in our time to face it. This program also helped me in my English, are taught me it of very numerous words: mourning, funeral home, mortuary, funeral, coffin, corpse, madness, reflection, laughed, sadness and, naturally, many of the others.

TV Journal #4

My character is Clair.

When we dictated me the will of my father, I learnt that he left me a big sum of money. But I was less satisfied to learn than this money had to serve for my studies. The arts interest me but I am not sure to want to study, even less to go to the university. I thought that my father had given me this moneyfor me then I had the right to use it as I wanted. I found it inequitable that we made me not confidence because of my age and that we force me to take a road which I wanted, maybe not to take. Besides, I had problems with my boy-friend. I he had offered my virginity and had him to tell it to all his friends, of whom the special thing which had me to ask to make for him: lick him toes. Then, people wrote placards " toes Sucking " on my car and on my drawer. I was very angry against my boy-friend and when I are spoken to him he was not even made of excuses. My mother noticed that I was unfortunate and she asked me questions. But I was not sure that I haved to speak to her about it. She and I we are not very close. I was disturbed and I did not know what to make.

jeudi 4 octobre 2007

TV Journal 2- Summary: Episode 4 (season 1): The family.

Member Américano-mexicain of a gang was killed, and Fishers discovered that the wills of the parents, without the sou, for the burial was different from those of the leader of the gang, powerful and rich. At the same time, about the fire of the house in front of that of Fishers, enquèteurs suspected the family. Nate, David and Ruth wondered if Claire would have no report with this incident. Brenda comes to the family house for her first dinner, but does not manage to make good impression in front of Ruth. David, him, took his courage in two hands and managed to stop a quarrel with Keith. Furthermore, at the end of the episode, he showed that he was not frightened by the threat of Gilardi which promises to want to destroy the company of Fisher.

TV journal 1

The TV Program Six Feet Under is a program which is characterized by its originality, its magnificent humor (cynic sometimes) and his profound sensibility. The characters are although colored they have all their dark and sad side (it is what what makes the success of the program, we recognize in these characters, in their madness, their fears). It is about a determinedly nonconformist series which breaks several taboos. The first taboo is the one of the death: the action of the series takes place in a company funeral station wagon, Fisher and Sounds. After the accidental death of the father, Nathaniel Fisher Senior, it is his two sons who inherit from the company based in Los Angeles. Fisher families will have to, throughout five seasons, face several problems of personal and family titles as well as a hard competition with a big company funeral the Fishers et Sons company of which steering them seems to want at all costs to erase.

jeudi 27 septembre 2007

Eulogy to Madness.

I like Six feet Under for his sometimes ironic humor, its marginal character, but especially for his characters. Why I like the characters? Simply that they are crazy. The madness of the characters, their hallucinations, is a madness which makes them nice and charming. The emission Six feet Under would have no charm if it was not this way delirious.